travel theatreDreaming of that deserted beach covered in white sand? Do you hanker after an adventure holiday or the cruise of a lifetime? Perhaps you love a walk in our glorious countryside, watching nature in action or want to learn a foreign language abroad. We know just how to help you plan for your next great escape.

Would you like to hear inspiring talks from authors and experts about a wide range of topics, from health and fitness to building a business

Our Travel & Lifestyle Theatre will feature inspiring talks from experts and explorers who have already struck out in new directions. Let them inspire you to discover new places and experiences.

All of our theatre sessions are free to attend with first-come, first-served seating.

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Michael Hatch

GPS - You'll never get lost again!

31 MAR - 10:45AM - 11:30AM
Using a handheld GPS to navigate as you enjoy a walk is easy and great fun - you always know where you are and where you are going! Leave the men behind as they ponder and refuse to ask for directions. Learn about the pros and cons of dedicated GPS and the amazing apps available for free with your smartphone.

Edwin Bentham

Supporting women making a difference to their communities

29 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
We work with women around the world to help generate income for their communities. We will be presenting case studies of projects we have worked on from female potter communities in Sri Lanka to Kenyan baske weavers, Muong Hill Tribe people in Vietnam to Peruvian craft Villages. We hope to inspire you to get involved directly with these and other communities for example: forming a group to meet women in Tibet or helping to sell fair trade produce from Sri Lanka and so sustaining communities through the efforts of women.

Dr Max Gowland

Over 50 or beyond? Then you DO need to supplement

30 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
As we age, we need to do everything we can,to look after our health and there is nothing more important than our musculo-skeletal health. This means having strong bones, healthy joints and also very importantly, having healthy and strong muscles too. Raising our energy levels too is important, as this tends to drop off with time. When we asked over 1000 over 50s what they wanted as they age, all of then simply told us that they wanted to stay mobile, stay independent and stay active. That’s pretty simple BUT very important! We also carried out research across the world but also the UK and this showed very clearly that nearly all over 50s are NOT getting nearly enough nutrients from their food, despite what we are led to believe. At last we see that Vitamin D has finally been recognised as a key vitamin that we are all lacking, and that we should ALL supplement, BUT this is just the tip of the iceberg. In this talk, Dr Max Gowland tells us about what we can do to slow and even reverse some of the ageing processes by not only exercise but also taking regular, and ‘targeted’ supplements.

Tom Way

Exciting wildlife from around the world

31 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
The talk focuses on four wildlife hotspots around the world which Tom has been fortunate enough to visit and photograph the amazing wildlife in their natural enviroment. Tom describes his adventures photographing King Penguins in the Falklands, Orangutans in Borneo, Blue Whales in Sri Lanka and his biggest passion of all: the big five in Africa.

Jan Leeming

See the world as a solo traveller

01 APR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
Exploring the world as a single traveller can be a daunting prospect. Broadcaster, author and actress, Jan Leeming decided that she wanted to see more of the world, however while she wanted to be independent she did not want to be on her own. Jan has recently travelled with Just You Holidays to Tuscany and Burma and in this talk she will dispel the myths surrounding single travel and encourage like-minded adventurers that there are some great places to explore.   Jan will also talk about her experiences of travelling as a journalist and when she headed off to India with her fellow celebrities for BBC’s Real Marigold Hotel.

Claire Louise

Wartime songs – The music that got us through The War

29 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Claire Louise sings and talks through a selection of songs from the 1930s and 1940s, looking at how music got Britain through the war, kept us Great and helped to keep our heads held high. From soldier and shelter songs to popular music of the era. Enjoy and feel free to singalong!

Jenny Bowen

Travelling solo as a women in Africa

30 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Jenny Bowen, Director of Sense Africa (stand 258), gives her tales from the bush as she reveals her incredible experiences in Africa as a solo woman traveller. From keeping shot guns under the bed and living in a mud hut, to sleeping with a cheetah, eating a goat’s head and driving solo across the Namib desert, Jenny’s personal experiences are both amusing and at the same time exhilarating! Learn about the hidden side of this great continent and be inspired to take on your own travel adventure.

Malcolm Peasnall

Canadian Railways made Canada a Country

31 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
We will discover how using the train can open up so many opportunities to travel across the 2nd largest country in the world. What is really important is how to use the train to you advantage to discover Canada from Coast to Coast. During the talk we look at the options available, how to get the best value and what excursions and side trips enhance the Canadian rail system. This will include how to incorporate the national rail service VIA Rail Canada with the Tourist train The Rocky Mountaineer just serving Western Canada

Diana Hammill

Be a Natural Beauty - How to make your own toiletries out of wild and garden plants and kitchen cupboard ingredients!

01 APR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Participants will first hear reasons to make your own natural toiletries then learn what can be used that is usually already around them in their gardens or kitchens to make lots of different personal care and beauty products. A demonstration of bath bombs and body butter can be shown so they see how this information can be put into practical application.

Stephanie Kitchin

Why the Galapagos Islands are known as the 'Enchanted Islands'

29 MAR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
Why Magical? Anone who has been to the Galapgaos will know why they are often called magical. This talk explains the history, nature and geology that makes them so special and worthy of the often used title "The Enchanted Islands".

Tom Way

Wildlife on your doorstep

30 MAR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
A talk emphasising all the fantastic wildlife there is to see and photograph on our doorsteps from Deer to Hedgehogs and from Owls to Kingfishers. Tom will not only be showing you his wildlife images from our local areas but also describing all the stories behind how he took the images. This talk also branches out to talk about our coastlines and the Northern areas of the UK showing images of the very charismatic Puffins and Red Squirrel.

Diana Hammill

How modelling nature can help you to reduce labour and cost on your garden

31 MAR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
Through learning a few Permaculture principles in this talk, participants can take away a new way of viewing their own landscape and by applying the practical methods discussed - those very same methods Mother Nature employs in managing her landscape - participants can reduce the need to weed, water and buy chemicals whilst still enjoying the same or increased outputs from their gardens.

Gill Stewart

Walking your way to fitness

01 APR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
Walking is a great way to stay fit and well but how do you make it effective without going faster or further? IN this seminar Gill will outline how a pair of nordic walking poles can literally turn a walk into a workout whatever your fitness level. Find out why exercising outdoors can boost mood, what equipment is needed and how to get started.

Emma McMillan

The benefits of group travel

29 MAR - 03:45PM - 04:30PM
Covering all aspects of travel but focusing on the good lifestyle factors that can be achieved through travelling in a group - different types of holidays covered such as gardening, walking scenic and seaside.