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Steffi Stern

Selling your crafts: do you craft to please the market place?

31 MAR - 10:45AM - 11:30AM
You love crafting and want to start selling what you make. Do you sell to make money or do you sell to just buy more materials. What if your crafts don't sell? Where is your market? How to stay true to your craft and when to compromise. We will be looking at stories that people can bring to this sessions and I will tell my own after years in the crafting industry but also as somebody who has been in sales for over 25 years. This seminar would be useful for those who are avid crafters and are wondering either how to make money out of it or to finance their crafting hobbies.

Joyce Meader

Knitskrieg: a call to yarns

01 APR - 10:45AM - 11:30AM
A history of items knitted to make life a little more comfortable for all the troops on the front line, at sea and in the air. The women on the home front who helped their men when they were away and felt that they were contributing in some way.

Steffi Stern

Writing your own craft book: a personal journey

29 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
Have you ever wondered how to write a craft book? Where to start? I will share my own story from the beginning of never daring to dream that I could one day be an author to now: ready to write the next 4-5 books! This seminar will be of interest to those who might be thinking about their own potential to write about what they love doing but also to dispel myths and assumptions about becoming an author.

Steffi Stern

Crafting with children: process or end gaining

30 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
As a mother of four I have learned the hard way that children don't always do what we may expect them to do. And how do you get them to finish a project or do you leave them be? What are good crafts and what are the messages we want to give children when they start crafting? How much is crafting with children about ourselves and how much is it about them? I will interweave this seminar with little anecdotes and encourage the audience to share their views and experiences. This seminar will be of interest of those who have children/grandchildren of their own or who work with children and those who have always wondered what gets in the way of their own crafting process.

Dr Susan Kay-Williams

Needle, thread and inspiration

31 MAR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
While one/two Royal School of Needlework Future Tutors demonstrate, Dr Susan Kay-Williams will show a wide variety of stitched pieces by RSN students to highlight the diversity of subject matter and embroidery. The work on show will include recent pieces by RSN students in a wide variety of techniques to show just what can be achieved with needle, thread and inspiration.

Sarah Hamilton

House of Cards with Sarah Hamilton

01 APR - 12:00PM - 12:45PM
Card designer Sarah Hamilton demonstrates how to create beautiful screen printed greetings cards, and will talk through various other printing techniques as featured in her new book House of Cards. She also shares tips for selling your greetings cards and talks about how her Just a Card campaign encourages people to buy cards from artists, designers and independent shops to help them stay in business.

Natalie Porter

Romantic sugar roses

29 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Learn to make perfect sugar roses with award winning cake artist, Natalie Porter. Using her new tool, the Rapid Rose and her signature technique, making gorgeous roses will be easier than ever. Natalie will also show you how to combine colours and use petal dusts to achieve realistic and beautiful results, sure to enhance all your cakes and sugar crafts.

Rosalind Freeborn

Lampshades can be art

30 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Lampshades don’t have to be boring, they can be art! Artist Ros Freeborn is on a mission to turn lampshades into art, whether the lights are on or off. Using a variety of papers she will demonstrate how it is possible to create a unique design which can be printed onto five panels of translucent paper and fixed together with a Papershades wheel. The results are individual, creative and fun and will enhance any room with original art.

Heather E Wright

Unravel for ribbon

31 MAR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
I will unravel the mystery and a little history of the beauty of ribbon, with a short demonstration on how to make a ribbon rose for bouquets and other decorations. My talk will include when and how ribbon was sourced and a surprising account of how the government tried to pass a law that ribbons were to be exclusive only for royalty. I will be showing the differences between silk and satin, the beauty of silk ribbon and the vast colour and availability and the varying projects and effects that can be achieved by unravelling a piece of ribbon.

Steffi Stern

Needle felting: what's it all about and its cross-crafting opportunities

01 APR - 01:15PM - 02:00PM
Brief history on needle felting and why it has become so popular of the last 5 years with hands on samples to look at including the tools and materials that are being used. Exploring the opportunities that needle crafting provides to cross over into other crafts including knitting, crocheting, sewing, garment embellishment, up-cycling, repairing. This seminar is particularly useful for those who are curious about this relatively new craft and those who want to explore it further.

Natasha Jackson

Making an Amigurumi Monster

29 MAR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
Natasha will explain her brand new best-selling book Edward's imaginarium, showcasing techniques from the book and showing how to make your own monster.

Faye Wynn-Jones

Introduction to card making and colouring with copics

31 MAR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
An Introduction to card making and adult colouring, using rubber stamps and alcohol markers with Copic Certified Intructor, Faye Wynn-Jones.

Chinelo Bally

Freehand fashion with Chinelo Bally

01 APR - 02:30PM - 03:15PM
Chinelo Bally will demonstrate how to make stylish garments that fit perfectly using her signature freehand method.

Angela Daymond

Dyeing from a natural world

29 MAR - 03:45PM - 04:30PM
This light hearted talk covers my experiences of dyeing from plants, trees, vegetables and so much more from the natural world. You will hear about the many different ways I collect plants to dye with and techniques used to apply the colour and get texture into the fabric and threads. This talk is accompanied by a Keynote presentation and textiles to demonstrate to you the colours that can be achieved. Come and be inspired to start your very own natural dyeing.

Angela Daymond

Woad - Blue as old as time

30 MAR - 03:45PM - 04:30PM
Come and listen to how the woad plant has been used for blue dye since Neolithic times and its rich history and heritage. Hear the often humorous tales of how I have grown, dyed and stitched with the woad plant and the places it has taken me. This talk will take you from the Celts, Queen Elizabeth I, to Robin Hood and his Lincoln Green. Discover how in later years the woad workers became known as “black hands” and how this plant was used to dye RAF uniforms in World War I. This talk will be accompanied by a presentation and stitched textiles.