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In 2014, when maths genius Maryam Mirzakhani won the most prestigious prize in mathematics – the Fields Medal, known as the “Nobel Prize of mathematics” – she was breaking new ground in more ways than one! Maryam was the first woman to win the Fields Medal, following more than 50 years of male winners. She was also the first Iranian to win the Fields Medal. And she was only 37. Since
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We've been battling a bit with the concept of Sugar Free February because this is the time of year when chocolate seems to be the only way to get through the cold, grey days.  So we asked Di Hammill from Wild Harvest to give us some tips on how to wean our taste buds off the white stuff. Sugar has its place - over sweeteners, over bland food and in balance but not as a staple ingredient of m
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In celebration of their 15th birthday, Dragonfly Tea have created a brand new collection to bring to life all the romance, repose and natural well-being of the great tea traditions. Inspired by the golden age of tea, the collection has been sourced with great care and is a celebration of some of the most authentic teas from around the world. Each tea in the carefully composed collection is the
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Ever wondered how your favourite magazines stay ahead of the latest trends? Sally Jarvis, editor of Making Cards tells us how... It’s 9am and myself and Making Cards Marketing Executive Clowance, fuelled by a cooked breakfast, are ready to tackle Europe’s largest international trade fair for hobby, crafts and artists requisites, Creativeworld. Based in Messe, Frankfurt, a HUGE conference ce
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For those of us that work full-time, have busy lives or are just straining under the tyranny of 'what's for dinner', rustling up a varied menu of meals can be an awful chore. Even the most enthusiastic cook can come unstuck when faced with an unenthusiastic audience, a fussy eater or just the prospect creating a meal for one. Recipe boxes have seen a huge rise in popularity. These deliver all o